• Image of Jimi Jules «Equinox»
  • Image of Jimi Jules «Equinox»

Jimi Jules «Equinox»


Zukunft Rec. 005
Double vinyl

Jimi Jules is a very unique character in the electronic music scene. As a multi-instrumentalist and gratuadet school musician he has more to offer than the standard four to floor sound. Jimi Jules is deeply dedicated to the house and techno scene and in the same time he likes the intimacy of a studiosession, working alone or together with other producers and musicians and discover new forms of music and energy. We are very happy to present his debut longplayer «Equinox». Driven from a subtle funky groove, surrounded by warmth and trippy sounds, Jimi Jules created a truly diverse electronic Album which is ranging from moody downtempo grooves to sonic electronica. Jules is able to be blue and funky at the same time. He completes his vision of songwriting with crispy noise, organica parts with guitar, synthesizer, live-drumming and horns all played by himself. On «Lost love» the first single on Zukunft Recordings he worked with the voice of folk-musician Tobias Carshey. Dramatic strings and a flattering synthbass in combination with the stunning voice line of Carshey take the song to a higher hypnotic dance. …«Too young for me» is a catchy swinging downtempo number appaering vocals of Jaw, member of the group dOP. «Truth light» is dark but smooth and deep techno. A result of a collaboration with Fink, the english singer and musician. Jules also starts using his own voice to give the songs his particulary face, on «Sirup» more jazz inspired, as a scat and floated. On «Bullshit people» more Indie-like. The Zurich based producer is putting out a massive load of spiritual and romantic energy into the universe and thereby proves his exceptional skills as a producer. «Equinox» is allways lightfull even if it goes dark, the music embrasses you smootly. - A perfect partner for your nightdrive or for a day dream.


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