• Image of Berlin Lama  «80 BMX»
  • Image of Berlin Lama  «80 BMX»

Berlin Lama «80 BMX»


Debut Album by Berlin Lama

Heavy like a brick and swift like stray cat, our man Berlin Lama knows his craft. His debut album 80 BMX sounds like a millennial pink Popsicle, but he's gonna trap you in his deep blue sea. His synths unveil layers of hypnotic, meditative and promising depths. And his songs are his soul: dreamscapes to sleepwalk in. They are a crystal clear river to drift in, a silver lake to sink into.

But the beat will creep up on you and pull you into unknown waters.

Berlin Lama is here to stay like the deep blue sea.


Format: LP/12"
Label: Ish Records

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