• Image of Jack Pattern «Zapping Time EP»
  • Image of Jack Pattern «Zapping Time EP»

Jack Pattern «Zapping Time EP»


Lustpoderosa's eclectic lifestyle continues with the Jack Pattern back with more hallucinatory music for tropical dances. "Heroes Of Birth" kicks things off and sees Jack explore rainforest acid jams as a menacing lead line converges on strong Zanzibar drums and glowing pads. Beautifully interspersed with an exotic spoken word vocal, the track has time to breath before the final section sweeps in and sucks out all the oxygen. Breathtaking stuff. "Abstract Resistance" is next and instantly grabs attention with its swelling and spitting analogue b-line. Adding lashings of kinetic energy as the track progresses, the splurging analogue goodness keeps on giving as JP moved through a moonlight-tinged arrangement. "With Laki Penan" closes proceedings with that wavy, de-tuned dissonance that peppered "Another Language EP", another strong analogue chug reinforcing the low end. It's another winner from Jack and Lustpoderosa - don't hang around!

3 Track EP. Comes in silkscreen printed sleeve.


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